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The Team at Delta 25 Technologies offers a client-focused approach to website development. We engage you from the pre-planning phase to “Go-Live”. Our approach delivers a more satisfying result and facilitates future development, routine maintenance, and strategic planning.

The Team at Delta 25 Technologies places an emphasis on the pre-planning a new website. Whether you need your first website, or you are enhancing a current website, project management is important. We take a hands-on approach and plan your new website page-by-page and section by section. The result is a workflow template that serves as a design guide, a project-guide, and a QA guide. Clients get a real sense of involvement in design and planning and have a far better understanding of how their content translates into a productive business tool.

Our goals in Website construction:

  • Project Management
  • Pre-development Design
  • Collaboration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Life-Cycle Management


Choosing a Platform



Content Management System (CMS)

Your Platform is the structure that your website is built upon. Choosing the correct platform will impact design, development, maintenance, and enhancement. The factors to consider when choosing the platform are:

The functionality(s) desired for your site:

  • User management
  • Customer management
  • Complex tools and widgets (email, forms, SMS & texting, eCommerce, etc…)
  • eCommerce management
  • More…

Options for Platforms


We know HTML 5

HTML 5 is a powerful tool to build interactive websites, with audio, video, screen sharing, and much more…

HTML 5 delivers a wide range of new functions, compared with previous versions. Support for Voice & Video type functions was added to address the use of smartphones. This extended the utility of HTML for a whole range of common devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This platform is greater for websites that require support for mobile functionalities but does not require user management, content management, or eCommerce. For clients requiring user & content management, eCommerce, and other complex functions, using a CMS system is far more efficient (WordPress or Joomla).


Custom Websites built on Bootstrap

Bootstrap websites load quickly and are great platforms for portfolios and display websites

Bootstrap is an open-sourced framework for building simple, mobile-responsive websites. A mobile-responsive website is one that resizes for the user’s device delivering far better user experience. About 70% of websites are viewed on mobile devices and we highly recommend all websites are built as mobile-responsive. Most search engines will lower your ranking if your site is not mobile-responsive. There are many fine templates and themes that can be added to a Bootstrap framework, reducing the development time and costs. Bootstrap sites are great for mobile responsive websites that have limited user management and/or eCommerce needs. Bootstrap sites are fantastic for company websites, sites requiring great media presentations, and clients requiring a site with text and media only. Bootstrap is less useful for clients requiring user and content management, and eCommerce functions.

Content Management Systems

Build powerful Websites with CMS frameworks. WordPress and Joomla allow you to intelligently manage your business!

Content Management Systems, such as WordPress and Joomla are free and open-sourced platforms that include extensive integration with user management, content management, eCommerce, and much more. They are also built with maintenance in mind, enhancing the ability to quickly and safely maintain your website. Both WordPress and Joomla offer extensive integrations with social media, payment gateways, eCommerce systems (WooCommerce), and much more. A strong-point of CMS is User management. The ability to facilitate customers to securely log into your website and perform business-related activities is championed in CMS’s, which makes them a very popular choice. 

WordPress or Joomla?

WordPress or Joomla? Thankfully, both are great platforms!

An advantage to CMS is the ability to customize and maintain a complex website

Both platforms offer a great place to start a website. There are so many similarities that either is a good choice when your goal(s) include a need for user and content management, payment integration, and eCommerce. Both are secure platforms, with Joomla having a slight edge in security and customizability. Both platforms offer extensive integrations and add-ons to allow the development of user-friendly, money-making, business websites. WordPress has a slight overall advantage for pre-built functionality and add-ons, but Joomla takes a slight lead in customizability. Upgradeability is present in both (not present in HTML 5 or Bootstrap) and usually simple enough for customers to perform many maintenance functions. WordPress is by far the most popular and offers a tremendous choice in Themes and add-ons. We like BOTH of these platforms and our experience in development and maintenance in both are a real advantage to our clients! 

Our Expertise

Some of our work:



Estate Photo Art needed a new website that delivered stunning imagery but required little maintenance and no user management. We built this site using Bootstrap to be mobile-responsive and quick-loading. Success!


CallnFax needed a quick loading storefront for their Voice over IP business. They needed a user-friendly interface to display very long lists and pricing charts, but also not to slow the back-end functions. We delivered!

Butterflies Passion

Butterflies Passion was an Airbnb operation in Jamaica and they needed a Website to promote business and integrate with Airbnb and securely perform eCommerce functions. In a short time, business more than doubled. Due to property challenges, the location was placed on hiatus.


The FitChef delivers an amazing private-chef food delivery service to Toronto, Canada. They needed an efficient eCommerce website that was as beautiful as their culinary creations. 

Our Fluency & Expertise:

Website development

Content Management Systems



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