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CMS maintenance

Websites require routine maintenance. From daily updates to security analysis, and to enhancements, your investment requires regular attention. The Delta 25 Tech team offers monthly maintenance programs that comprehensively keep your site up to date. By off-loading these tasks, you can focus on your business. Our team provides this service for both WordPress and Joomla Websites, and includes the following Services:

  • Updates to Plugins & Modules
  • Updates to Content Management System
  • Routine Backups
  • Monitoring

-Not Included: Repairing a broken site, mitigating infection or compromise, enhancements, or troubleshooting

Why Choose Delta 25 Tech?

As an established customer, you receive fast-track access to services like enhancements, development, and engineering of new features. Our technical team develops extensive fluency with your system and when the time arrives for work on your site, our knowledge of your system and requirements allows us to better serve you. Your site is reviewed at least 3 times weekly unless an update is available. When updates occur, they will be performed within 24 hours. We add monitoring to your system that provides immediate notification if your site develops problems. Our maintenance routine is thorough and comprehensive, off-loading work the customer would need to perform.

Maintenance Plans Start at $35/month!

  • First Month’s cost is $70 ($35 Start-Up & $35 monthly fee)
  • The $35 Start-Up fee includes a full evaluation of your system
  • Most systems with a total size of 10GB’s or less will cost $35/month
  • More complex and larger systems may require additional fees
  • Repair, mitigation, and major upgrades will be at additional cost

System Migration

The Team at Delta 25 Technologies has extensive experience in successfully migrated Websites.

Simple HTML Websites can be migrated in a manner of minutes, and more complex Websites, like WordPress and Joomla, can be accomplished usually within 1 day. Before migrating a site, we recommend our Team evaluates and reviews your site for any current problems or issues that might occur during migration. For Websites that are regularly maintained and are in good condition at the time of migration, the review is at no cost. The review helps assure you and us that issues do not migrate with your content. We have referral partnerships with very reliable cloud hosting, that offer extensive tools for backup, monitoring, clustering, firewalling, and much more. 

If you need or are considering migrating your Website, talk with us! We have a pre-migration form to fill out that will allow us to understand your needs and obtain a quote for our services. There is no cost to obtain a migration quote, all you need to do is fill out the form and our Team will get back with you!

We know SSL Certificates!


All Websites should be served securely, displaying a valid SSL certificate and with the address line displaying “https“.

The requirement for a secure site is part of most search engine requirements, and failure to secure a site will reduce the likelihood of your site being highly-ranked or showing up on a search. Browsers will highlight when a Website is not secured and most eCommerce systems require an encrypted and secured Website. Any Website that collects and stores personal information must be served securely, in most countries.

The Team at Delta 25 technologies knows SSL certificates!

The Team at Delta 25 technologies knows encryption & security!

If your current Website is not being served secured, then when visitors go to your site, they will see a warning informing them that the site is unsafe. An “Unsafe” message is never good business and the good news is that it is a problem that can be fixed. At Delta 25 Technologies, we install SSL certificates for all types of businesses. Whether you need a commercial certificate for eCommerce, or a simple security certificate, we support all of these.

The Delta 25 Tech Team provides the following SSL support:

  • Installation of all SSL certificate types
  • HTTPS server configuration (All Linux flavors)
  • SSL certificate renewal

SSL https

Troubleshooting & Recovery

Anyone who relies upon a website to operate consistently and reliably understands the stress when the website fails, crashes, or is compromised.

Having a reliable Team to call when a disaster occurs makes the worry a bit less. Our Team, is ready to help Your Team! We have repaired, fixed, recovered, and remedied complex systems for a decade. Our engineers have experience in fluency in Linux systems, dedicated and cloud server hosting, Joomla, WordPress, VoIP, and much more.

We understand the demands business places on Uptime and we are ready to efficiently meet those needs. Part of that commitment is to ensure the problem does not reoccur, and we will implement a long-term remediation plan at the start of any project. Our long-term maintenance plans are custom designed to keep your system up & running, 24/7/365.

Talk to us today about what we can do for You!