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 Web Apps

 Mobile Apps 

Web applications extend the functionality of your website with secure voice & video applications, complex web forms, payment & purchase actions, and much more. These tools are usually written using javascript and are used to build powerful tools that leverage databases, external application interfaces (API), smartphone features such as the microphone and speaker, and much more.  


We build applications for:


  • Secure Voice & Video Calling
  • Text/SMS Messaging
  • Virtual Telephone Service
  • Database Driven Forms


Secure Voice &

 Video Collaboration

We love WebRTC!
With the introduction of HTML 5 and the support from both Android and iOS platforms,

we have written a series of Web and Mobile apps that champion the features of WebRTC. The End-to-End encryption meets or exceeds the privacy and security requirements for clinical, financial, and law enforcement/military applications. Adding features like presence, geolocation, and virtual telephone numbers make WebRTC driven applications the solution for Unified Communications.


Secure Collaboration



Global Multi-Line

 Text Messaging

Text messaging is a powerful communication tool for business. Combined with global virtual numbers, connecting with customers is easy!

allowing businesses to effectively reach customers, coworkers, vendors, and more…Our text messaging app supports both inbound and outbound messaging, using your choice of virtual text numbers. Our virtual text number inventory covers virtually every country and city, turning this app into a very powerful business tool!


SMS Solutions




Virtual Telephone


Virtual Telephone numbers allow you to purchase global telephone numbers, regardless of your location. Our inventory covers 

 almost every city an almost every country. Propel your business with local and toll-free telephone numbers in locations far from your location. You receive your phone calls, just like any other call, with features like IVR (auto-attendant), call hold, voicemail, text, and all of the features you expect from any phone system. Your customers make a local call to reach your business anywhere on the planet. No international charges and services cost around USD $10 monthly.

Virtual Telephone Numbers



 Database Driven


Database driven forms allow you to display large and long lists to almost any device. Intelligently display your content

to your clients and customers. These forms can include powerful features like search, sort, and filter functions and are designed to display nicely on all devices. These forms are fully responsive and can be easily added to any website!

DB driven forms


Using Web Apps

Web apps offer businesses the ability to improve customer service, increase sales, improve marketing, and deliver important messages.

Most web apps are inherently secure and encrypted allowing companies to deliver highly secured customer portals, TeleHealth platforms, and global collaboration tools.

Our communication applications deliver seamless calling & messaging across all devices, and can be integrated with virtual telephone numbers, social media apps, content management systems and much more…

Web apps can be used to deliver text messages directly to your customer’s smartphone, allowing your business to provide directed marketing, messaging, and notifications to all or groups of your customers. Text messages are much more likely to receive attention than email and are an effective method to increase sales and motivate customers.

Database Driven Forms allow you to display, search, and sort large & complex lists to your website visitors AND integrate with payment gateways, eCommerce applications and in any place where you need to display large amounts of data to visitors in an effective & organized manner.


Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps, unlike web apps, install directly into the operating system of your device and can access basic functions such as always-on, wake-up, speaker, microphone, GPS, and essentially all functions of your device. Unlike Websites and Web apps, Mobile apps are design and engineering intensive. The cost of design, engineering, and maintenance of mobile apps have placed them out of reach for many small businesses, at least until now.

The benefit of a Mobile app for business and especially eCommerce is the ability to integrate with payment gateways and make ordering products and services extremely easy. The ease of eCommerce combined with the ability to design very user-friendly interfaces makes Mobile apps a favorite for businesses with online ordering. When designed to use the interactive features of the device (speaker, microphone, etc…), Mobile apps deliver an excellent user experience.

Recent improvements in design and development have allowed both WordPress & WooCommerce Websites to be translated quickly into a Mobile app for a substantial cost savings (about 70%), allowing small business to enter the Mobile app market with minimal investment. This new approach to Mobile app development produces a fully native Mobile app for both the Android and iPhone platforms. Maintenance is also greatly reduced.

If you have a WordPress or WooCommerce Website, we can convert it into a fully functional Mobile app is just a few short days. Your products, payment gateways, images, and users will all be accessible from the app. In comparison to the Web app, you will gain all of the device features and PUSH notifications, as well.

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